Do You Like Chocolate? Enjoy The Best Recipe For Homemade Chocolate Pudding

Pudding Thickeners

Two basic or main ingredients are used to thicken the pudding, such as eggs and cornstarch. You can find recipes that only have cornstarch, and others like this recipe that contain both ingredients.

Cornstarch, also known as cornstarch flour or cornstarch, is the main ingredient for making doughs and desserts. It is used in many recipes, both sweet and salty. Celiac or non-celiac gluten sensitive people make desserts with this ingredient.

Our recipe has both thickeners, so you can be sure that it will thicken very well and have the correct consistency.

Some recipes do not include any of these thickeners but use another type of thickeners such as flour, chia seeds, tapioca, and ground flax. But it will not have the creamy consistency that cornstarch gives you, it can be harder.

chocolate Pudding Thickeners


If you add cornstarch and eggs to your homemade chocolate pudding, you should cook it.

Do You Want To Know Why?

Cornstarch works as a thickener when the liquid reaches between 200 and 212 degrees F. Another reason is that when cooking the eggs, it will help to wait and join the pudding. It happens when you prepare pastry cream. Also, some people prefer to cook eggs and not eat them raw.

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