Enjoy A Green Smoothie For Weight Loss (Recipe+Guide)

  • Dark Green Leafy Vegetables Are Very Useful

When making a green smoothie, of course, you cannot miss green leafy vegetables. What you should know is that not all vegetables can be used to make smoothies like these. Although all vegetables seem to be beneficial, some provide more properties than others.

When you go to choose a vegetable to make a green smoothie, you should choose those that have dark green leaves. The darker the leaves of a vegetable, the higher its nutrition. If you do not like this type of vegetable, you can choose one that does not have a very concentrated flavor such as kale and spinach.

Among the best dark green leafy vegetables are also Swiss chard, beet greens, watercress, and Chinese cabbage.

green smoothie recipes with homemade weight loss shakes


  • The Natural Sweetener Is Healthier

Many people use agave or maple syrups in smoothies for weight loss, and this is a big mistake. Of course, these syrups are much better than the traditional sugar you are used to using. But none of these options has any nutritional contribution so that they can increase blood sugar levels.

When making your shakes, preferably use natural plant-based sweeteners. You can use ripe bananas, ripe pears, or Medjool dates, and your smoothie will be super delicious.

  • Citrus Fruits Have Many Properties

Vitamin C can be found in large amounts in citrus fruits. This vitamin is very important in humans, so it is recommended that it be consumed daily. Citrus fruits increase metabolism, so when consumed, they will quickly burn localized fat in your body.

The citrus fruits that you can consume to lose weight are lemon, tangerine, and orange.

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