Enjoy this amazing extra virgin olive oil herb dip

In your kitchen, one of the ingredients that cannot be missing is olive oil. This element has become an indispensable part of most meals, providing its quality and flavor. With it, you can prepare from stews and salads to dressings to accompany your preparations.

If you are looking for a companion who is also healthy, Virgin olive oils the ideal and the best. You can find it in any supermarket.

With many brands, you can try different versions and select the one that best suits your tastes. In your kitchen, you cannot stop trying and experimenting with this oil. It is also tasty protects your health and heart.


Extra virgin olive oil is the king of condiments. Its smell is delicious, tasty, digestible, and has exceptional nutritional properties. You can use this liquid gold for its flavor and aroma.

If you are looking for an olive oil dressing on the web, they offer you the best on my baking addiction website. For your bread, you will have a Virgin olive oil herb dressing with which you can enjoy the best flavor. With its consistency, it can be the Italian butter accompaniment you need for your preparations.

This butter represents all the typical flavors of Carrabba’s food, with its oil and herbs mixture. In their presentations, they manage to make your senses explode with an ideal mixture to make you experience all the flavor of your meals. In their fresh bread for their diners, they offer the intensity of the herbs and garlic combined with this olive oil.

You can please the most demanding tastes and have pleasure. Enjoy these flavors is possible with this preparation. At each step, We will present to you how to have these flavors on your table. We offer you the best of this butter at your fingertips.

Discover The Simplicity Of This Olive Oil Sauce Preparation

Although you may believe that it is difficult to prepare this dip, let me tell you that this is not true. When reviewing how to achieve this intensity of flavors, the secret is to mix the correct herbs.

You have to look in your pantry for common herbs that you always use, among which we can mention:

  1. Oregano

A very common herb for sauces is oregano, and it is part of this preparation. A lot of kitchens have this herb within reach since it is widely used in various preparations.

In sauces, oregano cannot be missing. This herb is a favorite in the kitchen; you can use it in many recipes and combinations. If you have it as fresh oregano, much better since in dry leaves, it is not easy to soften in sauces.


  1. Red Pepper Leaves

Another essential element for this sauce that gives it a lot of flavors is the red pepper leaves. If you do not have it, look for it in your nearby supermarket and have it on hand at the time of this preparation. Another ingredient that cannot miss is garlic, which can be fresh and must be sin, to add to this sauce.

  1. Basil

Basil gives the sauce a touch of the intense explosion. In their presentations of fresh basil or even dried leaves, but do not worry, you can use it as you prefer. You likely have your basil plant in your nursery. With a few leaves, you will have this ingredient for your preparation.

  1. Garlic: The best friend of your meals and health

Garlic is the star condiment of many of the recipes of our gastronomy. Its strong flavor and a little spicy gives our dishes a different point. At first, we are not attracted by its strong smell, and garlic has many very good medicinal properties for us. You cannot miss them; the greatest enemy of vampires can be a great ally for your health.

Garlic is a root formed by 12 or 15 “cloves of garlic” wrapped in thin layers. It gives the dishes some peculiar characteristics, aroma and flavor. The most important thing is that it has many beneficial effects on health.


The healthy properties of garlic as a condiment and medicine were already well known by the Egyptians, Hebrews, Greeks, and Romans. But today, its therapeutic use has been relegated in favor of its use as a condiment.

For all these reasons, experts recommend the consumption of garlic as an ingredient in meals. All people should use it in particular for those with:

  • High blood pressure
  • Tachycardia
  • Arteriosclerosis

Which Olive Oil Should You Select?

With the dry ingredients at hand, it’s time to talk about the olive oil you should use. When you search the market, you will have many brands of oils that offer different types.  You must make sure you have the right one for this recipe.

As we seek the greatest similarity with Carrabba’s sauce, use extra virgin olive oil. In any brand, you must verify that it is this type of oil. It guarantees the fruity flavor that we want to highlight. As one of the most sought-after oils, it offers the consistency and concentration we need.

The concentration and base provided by this type of olive oil are unique. Not only in this sauce, in any sauce is having this element vital for its flavor. The extra Virgin provides the ideal base for preparations along with herbs.

With so many alternatives, you will not have to spend all your money and budget. If you do an exhaustive search, you will be able to find a good brand of extra virgin oil that suits your budget. In an accessible version, you should also look for quality. In the market, some offer you these two characteristics without problems.

You must make sure you have a good product that gives you the flavor you want. In all your preparations, be sure to offer in your oil base one of quality, purity, and flavor for success.

With everything ready, you just have to risk preparing your Italian Carrabba’s butter.


Herbs to buy

  • Rosemary
  • Basil
  • Garlic
  • Oregano
  • Red pepper leaves
  • Best oil on hand

Once you have all your herbs, you just have to get down to business.

Step 1

First, take the garlic, remove its cover and proceed to chop it into very small pieces. You should do it with the rest of the dried herbs.

Step 2

By having all your chopped herbs, what remains to find the bowl or plate where you are going to present your appetizer.

Remember to offer your guests a presentable preparation with a quality bowl or container. Ideally, it is comfortable for the preparation, and also makes it easier for diners to take their sauce without problems.

To know how much butter you should prepare, place all your herbs in the bowl. This way, you will see the approximate amount. According to the number of people, you will be able to estimate whether it is enough or you should chop more dried herbs for your preparation.

If you have already defined the amount you need and you have everything ready, it only remains for you to add the extra virgin olive oil.

Step 3

You will begin to combine the extra virgin olive oil of your selection with these herbs in your bowl.

Do not forget that this process is the elixir of the preparation, and so you must strive to put in enough. The oil should cover your spices, and your butter should have the smoothness and ease it needs for tasting.

Without a limited amount of oil, you should check not to overdo it or add too little to your butter.

The amount should be ideal so that when you put your butter on the bread, it can flow, and you can appreciate all the flavors.

Stirring your preparation, you can see if you need to add more oil and get that exact point you want.

How Can You Accompany This Italian Butter Or Garlic Dip In Olive Oil?

This preparation offers the advantage of being very versatile. As well as providing a mixture of flavors that can serve as accompaniments. Do not think that you can only serve this entrance butter to your table along with bread.


Without a doubt, trying this dip with an Italian or French bread is amazing, since its crunchy mix with this softness.

  • Bread warm or fresh from the oven can be the perfect companion, but you can also experiment. If you want to prepare pesto pasta, with shrimp, or any other, this butter can give you the salty base you need. In your preparation, you will only have to add this butter along with the rest of the ingredients to have the best on your table.
  • Also, this butter is ideal for dipping your favorite bread while you taste some delicious soup. If you want to have dinner at your house, invite your friends and acquaintances. This dip, along with hot bread, is the perfect starter. Thus, you will make them feel as if they are in the best restaurant, with the intense and pleasant flavor of this preparation.
  • Accompanied by wine, this preparation can be perfect. You can also eat it with a mixture of cheeses and varied charcuterie. Your diners will be ecstatic at your presentation. They will want to try your dishes to continue experiencing your quality of food. Even with some meats, this dip or butter can be the ideal complement for your dishes without complications.
  • People preferred Lasagna, lentil and sausage soups, or Zuppa Toscana for this type of dip accompanied by bread. These, as a starter, will offer the quality and flavor that you are looking for in your preparation. Or, if you prefer, they can be part of your main dishes.

Accompany Your Salads With This Sauce Or Italian Butter Without Problems

The Caprese salad is the perfect salad for this olive oil-based garlic infusion mix. The tomato, together with this butter, will give the intense flavors you need to taste your best version.

This salad is one of the most popular for dinner entrances and restaurant food presentations. So if you dare to prepare it, also dare to enjoy your best gala with your guests, looking like the best chef. At home, you only need to prepare your Caprese salad with its simple ingredients. Then add your sauce in the preparation.

Without a doubt, being able to offer these preparations in your meals is a guaranteed success. With its simple ingredients, you can play with your imagination. Try with other salads to see how these flavors adapt. With very varied tastes, you will be able to find other combinations that give you the taste you want.

This appetizer is the helper you needed for your preparations. With a mix of salami, olives, and other ingredients, adding this butter can be a divine result. Add a little of this dip; you will achieve the best experience.

Its strong and concentrated flavors make it ideal for enhancing other intense salad flavors to your palate. Salads with cheeses, or even charcuterie meats, are the perfect companions for your best tasting. In your appetizers, achieve that combination of flavors that satisfy the most demanding tastes, along with this preparation at your fingertips.

Take the best recommendations for you to prepare your Italian sauce with Virgin olive oily aromatic herbs. For you to get the quality and intensity of flavors, we offer you the best recommendations for your exceptional result.

  1. Buy olive oil, which must be of quality and extra Virgin. You should not skimp on finding one adapted to your needs. Buy one with all the purity; you need to enhance the flavors.


  1. Herbs such as basil, rosemary, and even oregano, when used fresh, manage to dilute and expel their intense flavors perfectly with olive oil.
  2. Do not skimp on the amount of sauce to prepare. If you exceed your preparation, when you start to taste it, you will want much more. If you present her as a companion at your dinner, or an invitation from friends, rest assured that it will never go unproven. You can combine it with the recommendations above. You always want to have your best preparation on hand to present those options on any occasion.
  3. Experience this dip or sauce preparation with various menus in your meals. Experiment with other alternatives so that you have variety at your table. Thus, you can always present it on any occasion, and enhance the tastes and flavors of your meals. In assorted salads, with meats, olives, different pieces of bread, and much more, be sure to explore this world of limitless flavors.
  4. You can try different types of extra virgin olive oil so that you can find the best oil for your preparation. You will be surprised by the variety you can find using different brands and versions. So, do not waste time and start experiencing the flavor and quality that they can offer in your preparation.

The Best Alternative For Your Tickets And Companions

Don’t waste time and enjoy the simplicity and intensity of flavors that this simple and quick preparation can bring you. With the simple recipe that we bring to you, you will no doubt that you can prepare it whenever you want. On each special occasion, or to have it daily at your table, you will have the versatility of a divine sauce on your palate.

As you could see, this dip or Italian butter allows you to reach a higher level in your kitchen. By taking the alternatives that we present to you, you can make combinations and mixes with other foods for your tasting.

There will always be something on your table that you can accompany with this sauce. As a dip, it is versatile and practical, and like Italian butter, the ideal companion for more prepared dishes. In pasta, meat, and more, you will always have an excuse to prepare your sauce as the best infusion for your meals.

Final Words

Once you start enjoying it, you will be able to perfect the olive oil to use and even try fresh or dried herbs. Thus, you will achieve that exact point of flavor and consistency that you desire, so that you are an expert. In its preparation, you can learn how to add the oil with the ideal amount, and without problems.

If you are not an expert in cooking and preparing recipes, do not worry; it is not very difficult to prepare. With this guide, you will have a way to do it easily.

You can follow the steps mentioned and having your best herbs at hand. Feel pleased to try this sauce, and delight your guests and family whenever you want.


At your table, you should not miss this preparation. It will provide the ideal complement of flavors to whatever you want. No matter what you are going to prepare, it never hurts to offer delicious hot and crispy bread with this butter.

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