The Simplest And Most Delicious Preparation Of Banana Cake With Kahlua Whipped Cream

The Simplest And Most Delicious Preparation Of Banana Cake With Kahlua Whipped Cream

If you are a banana lover, surely you like to use it in many recipes. With its sweet flavor and smooth texture, it can be the ideal element in cakes and sweets for its flavor distinction. In its mature presentation, it is possible to feel its sweetness more intense, which makes it ideal for desserts.

For this reason, a very tasty alternative is Banana cake with Kahlua whipped cream. With a simple repair, you can enjoy this delicious dessert, and accompany it as you wish. In your meetings with friends, family, or your partner, this can be the ideal detail.

Although it may be hard to believe, in the simplicity of this cake, you will have a smooth and creamy texture for your palate. Also, complementing it with a layer of Kahlua whipped cream, you will have the perfect cake for your occasion. If you want to impress in a visit of friends, decide to prepare this recipe whenever you want.

Without too many ingredients, you probably have the ingredients you need on hand in your kitchen. In a few minutes, you can prepare the base of this cake, to experience its flavor. This fruit is a favorite, as the favorite not only for adults but also for the little ones in the home.


By trying it, you will get the moistness of this ripe fruit, since, in this state, it is ideal for this recipe. Covered with its whipped cream, you can have the best cake with a beautiful presentation for your meetings. Without a doubt, do not have problems experimenting in the preparation of this recipe, because without a doubt you will not be disappointed.

With the layers you want, you can eat this cake at any time, and the best thing, its preparation is very simple. With a few ingredients, you will have the perfection of this preparation whenever you want. Alone or with its layer of cream, you can taste its intense flavor in each bite, in addition to the perfect humidity and ideal consistency for your satisfaction.

What Makes This Cake Unique?

Without a doubt, before trying this recipe, you must make sure that it makes this dessert unique. For them, we will mention its most outstanding properties for you to make your decision:

  1. Consistency: If you just want to try a soft, moist cake, let me tell you, this cake is the best. With the use of this fruit, its result results in a smooth consistency that is diluted in your mouth without problems. By placing it in your mouth, you can enjoy the perfect point of softness with a cake that is easy to prepare.

If you have tried other cakes that do not have this quality, you have noticed how unpleasant a very dry or rough paste is. For this, the banana can be its best ingredient, since, with the softness of its consistency, it transmits all its characteristics to this cake that surely will not disappoint.

  1. Easy preparation: When you see the recipe, you will surely be impressed by how simple it is to prepare this delicious cake. With just a few ingredients that most of you have safe in your pantry, you can take a moment of your time and follow the steps indicated for its preparation. You do not need to be a professional or have experience in preparing desserts, just by following the instructions you can do it.

Also, with this help, we will describe step by step everything you need to do, so that you get the desired result. If you have a meeting and you don’t have to offer dessert, take advantage of the easiness of this cake and accompany it with coffee. With it, your guests will enjoy the best in a single preparation.

  1. Perfect sweet flavor as an accompaniment: With your favorite coffee, this cake can be that perfect companion for those important gatherings. Or if you simply want to pamper yourself, or pamper your family, prepare this quick and easy cake in your kitchen in a few minutes. Without problems, you will only have to wait for its cooking, and accompany it with your favorite drink or coffee as you wish.

What Ingredients Does This Cake Have?

If you already decided, now you just have to find and have on hand the necessary ingredients for its preparation. With them, you will ensure that nothing is missing, and you have to run to buy or look for a missing item. Before repairing your prescription, we mentioned what you need to take your forecasts.


  • Sugar: As an ingredient that cannot be missed, you must have the necessary amount on hand. For this cake, you will need white sugar and brown sugar, and with this combination, we assure you success in your preparation.
  • All-purpose flour: For this cake, you will only have to have all-purpose flour, since the other properties of the special flour for desserts will be given with other ingredients.
  • Eggs: Elementals, try to locate some large eggs for this recipe, with them you can achieve the fluffiness of this cake so you can enjoy your best recipe.
  • Bananas: The protagonist of the recipe can not miss, and if they are as ripe as possible, it will be much better.
  • Butter without salt, and at the time of preparing the recipe that is at room temperature.
  • Baking soda, this ingredient will help you get a spongy cake, and it will grow during its preparation.
  • Vanilla, a pure extract is ideal, since, with that touch, you can feel the sweetness and add the vanilla flavor to your preparation.
  • Cinnamon, get the best and most concentrated to add quality and intensity of this flavor to your cake.
  • Glass sugar or confectionery sugar, you are going to need it for the preparation of espresso Kahlua coffee cream.
  • Salt, in a small amount and can be table salt.
  • Thick whipped cream, necessary for espresso Kahlua coffee cream.
  • Espresso powder for the cream
  • And a few slices of ripe banana.

Take The Following Step By Step To Prepare This Cake

Now, it’s time to combine all these ingredients perfectly to make your best Banana cake with Kahlua whipped cream. Sure, you can get a delicious cake and please your family or partner whenever you want. With the ingredients mentioned above at hand, you just have to follow these instructions which we mention below:

  • Using a large bowl, you will place the sour cream, a little vanilla, and the ripe bananas there, mixing with the help of a trowel until a homogeneous mixture is achieved.
  • In another container, you must add the flour, salt, and cinnamon, along with the baking soda. Stir gently so that these ingredients come together in a single mixture.
  • Take the butter, and with the help of a mixer you have on hand, begin to beat slowly until the butter begins to soften, and then increase the speed until the butter turns into a cream and turns white.
  • Once the butter is cream, begin to slowly add the granulated sugar and continue to beat, when it dissolves add the brown sugar and continue mixing. This should be done until the mixture is fluffy.
  • At this point, you can incorporate the eggs one by one, whisking continuously until they join the preparation. You can keep adding flour, and continue mixing until you start to see a thick but light cake consistency.
  • Finally, you should only add the banana mixture that you created at the beginning, whisking at low speed until it is incorporated and joins the rest of the ingredients. When you see the flour and this mixture becomes a single mixture, you will notice that the cake dough is ready for the oven.
  • In your ideal container, you can gently add this mixture and place it in your oven for approximately 50 minutes.
  • With this mixture in the oven, all that remains is to prepare the Kahlua espresso coffee cream, and for this, you must place the cream in a container, and beat until the cream softens while adding the rest of the ingredients.
  • Once you finish cooking your cake batter and the cream is ready, you just have to wait for the cake to cool down to place it in your best presentation with a layer of Kahlua espresso coffee cream on its surface.

Some Tips For You To Achieve The Best Preparation

It does not hurt to give you certain recommendations or tips so that you get a moist, fluffy, and soft cake that is a delight in your mouth. To achieve your best result, you can follow the following recommendations:


  1. The most important of the recipe, while your bananas are riper much better !. If you bought some bananas and they haven’t matured yet, there are some tricks you can do to speed up their maturation. Taking a tray, you can place parchment paper on its bottom and begin to preheat your oven to a temperature of 350 °.

With your oven hot, place the unpeeled bananas on the tray, and place it inside the oven. In a time between 15 and 30 minutes, you can check that your bananas turn brown to black. When this happens, they will be perfect to be used in preparing the recipe for this cake.

  1. When baking the preparation of this cake, it is recommended to check its cooking with a toothpick periodically. This is because its preparation time may vary, and since we do not want it to go overcooking, we can check.

If the recommended 50 minutes are met, and you still insert your toothpick, and it comes out full of mixture, you can continue baking for a few more minutes. This time will depend on the type of oven and the final consistency of the mixture.

  1. To ensure your best preparation and that the consistency of your cake is fluffy, you should only have your ingredients at room temperature, especially butter and eggs. They are the essential ingredients that give the final consistency to any cake.
  2. When you begin to add the flour, just mix so that it is integrated into the mixture. Without beating too much, you’ll make sure you don’t cause your cake to be overly dense. This tip is super important, as it is the reason why cakes are sometimes as chewy as chewing gum.

How Can You Enjoy This Banana Cake With Kahlua Whipped Cream?

Without a doubt, any cake can be enjoyed when you want, but this particular cake is very delicious. The moment you try it, you will convince yourself that it can be your recipe of distinction and that it will be a success at all times. Accompanied with the drink of your choice, you can experience its flavor in the company you want without inconvenience.

If you have a reunion with your family for a special occasion, this may be the perfect dessert. Sure, everyone likes the sweet taste and softness of the banana, so they are going to love it. After dinner, this dessert can be the closing you want so that everyone is pleased.


To complement and enhance your banana-based preparation, Kahlua espresso coffee cream is the best companion. With its touch of coffee flavor, imagine mixing these two ingredients in one preparation, and the best, enhancing the sweetness of your cake! With very simple preparation, this cream with the bitterness of espresso coffee, and the softness of the cream, will surely dilute in your mouth without problems.

At any time, and with your special person, you can enjoy a slice of your Banana cake with Kahlua whipped cream. Surely you will want to eat a lot more, but you can even keep it in your refrigerator without problems. To keep it for a long time, or if you want to prepare more than one cake, you can do it, and we’ll tell you how.

Just by wrapping the cake in clear plastic wrap, and then with foil, you can freeze it for a long time. And when we talk about time, we mean that you can even freeze it for up to 3 months! With this, you can prepare various cakes and keep them in your freezer for those moments that you want to use them.

With the removal of its wraps, you can place it on a surface or grid and let it unfreeze to a frightening environment. Perfectly, you will have the best cake to decorate it with your rich coffee cream espresso when you want it!

Do You Like Chocolate? Enjoy The Best Recipe For Homemade Chocolate Pudding

If you are a chocolate lover and want to make a quick and easy dessert, you should try the chocolate pudding. Homemade chocolate pudding is a fancy type of dessert that you can do in 15 minutes.

The cooked and then cooled version has a custard-like texture and contains starch, cocoa, sugar, and milk. This is very common in the United States, Canada, Latin American countries, and a part of Asia.

While the baked or steamed version is like a cake and is more common in Ireland, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia. The North American version is the most common and also serves to fill cakes.

It is a variety of chocolate cream, but instead of egg, it has starch as a thickener. Today there are many variations, such as using gelatin as a thickener or making this pudding with white chocolate.

You can find industrial chocolate puddings in supermarkets or stores. But many people prefer to make their homemade chocolate puddings.


Homemade chocolate pudding in small glass dishes, topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings


Homemade Chocolate Pudding

As you can see, there are different types of pudding, and not only do you find them sweet, you can also find salty puddings. This dessert is very delicious and is perfect for any day and time of year. Also, you can accompany it with whatever you want:

  • Fruits
  • Cookies
  • Cakes
  • Baileys Irish cream, etc.

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