The Best Baked Chicken Recipe Caesar

For you, who is a lover of recipes with chicken, you cannot miss this unique way of giving a taste to the palate. Caesar Chicken is a very rich recipe where you can contemplate the flavor of each ingredient perfectly fused in your mouth. This is an inexpensive recipe that does not need too many ingredients to make it perfect when you put it in the oven.

One feature you can’t help but feel when you eat Caesar Chicken is the creaminess and flavor of all the chicken. If you are thinking of surprising your loved ones with this recipe, you need to buy only three extra ingredients to the chicken. You can use a chicken with these characteristics to invite a person to dinner or eat until satisfied.

Do not worry if you are a person with many occupations because this chicken is ready in 30 minutes. When you dare to make recipes for dinner, you can forget about those routines where you eat the same foods over and over again. Some recipes are too long, so they take a lot of time, and it also counts a lot to gather the ingredients.

What Should You Know Before You Start Making a Chicken Caesar?

Because Caesar Chicken is a simple recipe to make, you can prepare it together before dinner. You don’t need to do exhaustive planning. Your chicken is ready in half an hour to serve at the table. Depending on the number of people you have in your family chart, you can add more pieces of chicken to the container.


Chicken is one of my favorite meats because it allows you to have your meals done in a few minutes of cooking. If you look at all the quick recipes that involve meats, you will notice that chicken tops the lists. As for chicken Caesar, the best thing about this recipe is that you will feel your mouth watering.

The flavors of the Caesar chicken are well distributed and give the recipe texture and a lot of flavors. Forget the idea that you have to be a great chef to make your recipes look perfect. This particular chicken is a good food recipe made even for you who are a beginner in cooking.

You will have many tributes from those who try your recipe.  Your guests will love it due to the unique flavor of this particular chicken. One thing you should know before cooking this recipe is that you don’t need to leave ingredients prepared long before. It will take only a few minutes to place the chicken ready since you only need four easy-to-get ingredients.

Thanks to your talent and the ingredients that you are about to know, you will put a world of flavors on your palate. You can use your favorite chicken pieces for the recipe, as everything is left to your creativity as chefs. Never go for dry chicken recipes because they don’t usually give you flavor juices on your lips.


What Are The Four Ingredients Used In Chicken Caesar?

The main ingredient in the Caesar Chicken recipe is Creamy Caesar Chicken due to the ease of use. You can make your family reunions a success without having to miss out on the pleasant conversations of the guests. It’s not at all fun for you to have a family reunion and have to spend all your time in the kitchen.

Keep in mind that chicken breast is the best to prepare because it has fewer bones than other pieces. Likewise, chicken breasts adhere faster to other ingredients and are complete pieces. The cease dressing gives the recipe a creamy flavor that you can’t stop eating for even a second.

Another point of the ingredients is the Parmesan cheese that allows everything to feel melted in the mouth. Also, the sauce thickens more with the Parmesan cheese allowing the baking process to be a success. One point in favor of chicken Caesar is that you don’t need to season the chicken pieces you use separately.

Ingredients used:

  • Caesar salad dressing.
  • Chicken breasts preferably boneless.
  • Parmesan.
  • Sour cream.

The cooking process of this recipe will be explained to you throughout the article, so don’t worry. You should have some extra tools to place the chicken breasts in the oven. You have to make them well distributed. Depending on the number of guests, you can calculate the number of breasts and the other ingredients.

Before knowing the next step, look for the container to place the breasts in the oven in a well-distributed way. Until now, you should know how easy this recipe is.

Steps To Follow To Prepare Chicken Caesar

First of all, if you already have the essential container to place the breasts, you should place it clean on the user table. You must clean Chicken breasts and add them into the container by placing the amount of your preference.


The basic steps to prepare Caesar Chicken are as follows:

  • Place the chicken breasts on the container that you will use to bring them into the oven at high temperatures.
  • Apply the dressing mixture to the chicken to stop so that it covers all the chicken in a balanced way.
  • Additionally, add the sour cream and distribute its flavor throughout the container where the chicken breasts are.
  • Add the Parmesan cheese to the mixture so that the entire recipe can melt inside your mouth.


  • With the preheated oven, put the container for about half an hour at a temperature of 375 ° F.
  • Check the chicken until you see that everything is completely integrated. You also have to check if the chicken has a well-roasted texture.
  • Experts recommend that you let the chicken rest a little before starting to serve it to the guests inside the table.

How To Make The Caesar Dressing At Home The Easy Way?

Thanks to the dressing, stopping the Caesar chicken recipe is a great success. For all the chicken to be perfectly seasoned, you must prepare a well creamy dressing. What makes the chicken taste unbeatable is the texture of the caesar dressing you make.

The traditional ingredients to make the dressing stop are the following:

  • Use approximately 50 grams of anchovies if you prefer.
  • Use a garlic clove
  • Use the yolks of 3 eggs.
  • Use a tablespoon of mustard from the brand of your presence.
  • You will also need approximately 100 ml of olive oil or another oil of preference.
  • Use at least two tablespoons of lemon oil.
  • Add two tablespoons of parmesan powder
  • Additionally, add black pepper to your liking.

This recipe is homemade, so you can make your sauce stop if you prefer it for everything to be good. Adding a personal ingredient to your recipes makes them keep your brand.

The steps to make the sauce are as follows:

  • As a first step, cut the anchovies into small pieces and also cut the garlic in the same way.
  • Mix these two ingredients very well until you get a homogeneous paste of both.
  • In another container, beat your egg yolks together with the mustard and the lemon juice until everything adheres.
  • You should try to get a creamy mixture so that your chicken is full of flavor and is also very moist.
  • Add the anchovies and garlic to the previous mixture, making sure that everything is incorporated perfectly.
  • Never stop moving the mixture and add the olive oil additionally so as not to count the mixture.
  • You choose the flavor you want to give the sauce yourself if you need more flavor, add a little salt, and add garlic.
  • Do not forget to place the black pepper to give a touch of spice to the cream caesar.
  • Finally, place the parmesan powder so that everything is well distributed.



You do not have to make the sauce if you prefer you can buy it already made to save time.

Important Suggestions do You Follow for a Caesar Chicken with All the Flavor

You are the one who decides what other preparations you add to the chicken to accompany the dishes of your guests or friends. If you prefer, cook a little rice to accompany the chicken, although you can also serve it alone and it will look good. So, this chicken is also well accompanied with cooked, roasted, or fried potatoes if you want something extra.

The important thing is that when you cook for your friends, you decide what you want to put inside your recipes. You can make a salad if you want to accompany this meal with a little color and a very fresh vegetable flavor. The type of salad you choose because this recipe works well with all the types of salads that exist.

Something curious about chicken is that it is a dish in which you choose with complete confidence that you need to incorporate. You can serve a little lemon on the table so that guests who prefer to add more flavor to the chicken. Depending on whether you want to make a light or heavier meal, you can add other ingredients that you can think of.

If you enjoy making the Caesar chicken recipe, imagine what you will enjoy when you take it to your mouth. That well-distributed flavor in the chicken accompanied by a delicious cream makes the waiting time worthwhile. You can serve a little wine at the table, depending on the type of occasion that friends are celebrating.

White wine is perfect with this recipe as it will make guests lower the plate faster. The possibilities of extra ingredients to add to your plate are too many, and you are the protagonist of the chosen one.

Tips For Achieving The Right Temperature For Cooking The Chicken

There are many cares that you must take into account when cooking chicken to take care of your health first. Some diseases, such as salmonella, are transmitted through chickens that are cooked at too low temperatures. The temperature set in the recipe is perfect for placing the chicken because it meets FDA standards.

Complying with the smallest time required in the oven guarantees that the chicken reaches the best cooking for your guests. If you prefer, you can use a thermometer to measure the temperature. You hould not overcooked the chicken. This will take away the flavor of the other ingredients used in the recipe.

The essential thing in the oven is well balanced to leave the Caesar chicken only for the required 30 minutes. Thanks to the Caesar sauce, the chicken is submerged in the flavor of it without being too dry. The idea of ​​making chicken for dinner is that the taste of it is not lost after cooking.

Don’t worry if you follow the steps to completeness. You can count on a chicken breast full of flavor. You can serve your guests an exquisitely flavored chicken prepared in less than an hour, so you don’t miss a thing. If you are a lover of wet chicken, this recipe is for you because it is delicious and flavored.


Enjoying a chicken that is slowly dipping into your mouth is worth every minute you wait. There are some things that you should also take into account the safety of your recipes, such as wearing gloves. Gloves help you avoid burns from the oven.

Opinions Why Chicken Caesar Is The Best Recipe For Your Friends Dinners Or Solo Dinners

Making a delicious meal doesn’t necessarily have to be for any particular event; it should be about eating delicious. This recipe meets the basic requirements, which are a quick way to prepare a rich dinner recipe. Dinners are the last meal of the day, so the body must enjoy a dish full of flavor.

The ingredients used for Caesar chicken are available in any supermarket without having to go to many places.

There are only four ingredients that you can even prepare some at home to bring more authenticity to your favorite dishes.

If you work a lot, don’t worry because you can go to the supermarket completing these four ingredients without doing anything else.

Caesar Chicken is a healthy recipe that you don’t have to worry about gaining weight or breaking your diets. Once you put the chicken in the oven, you only have to wait half an hour for everything to be ready. If you prefer to accompany it with other recipes, you can make potatoes.

If you are alone, you can still make this recipe to pamper yourself and make a delicious dinner before going to sleep. You should prepare enough chicken if it is accompanied because this is a recipe worth repeating over and over again. Even though the chicken has a Caesar dressing, you can also add a Caesar salad to the recipe, and it will look good.

There are many chicken recipes on the internet, but with the flavor of this baked flavor, very few remain. Indulge yourself in the company or alone using the best recipe, fast, delicious, and with easy-to-find ingredients.

Full Time It Takes Caesar Chicken To Be Ready

The time it takes for the Caesar chicken is up to you and your will to make other ingredients in the recipe. If you make the dressing stop, it may take a little longer to put the chicken in the oven for cooking. When you buy all the ingredients, it takes less than 5 minutes to put them in the container and take them to the oven.

For this reason, the estimated time to be ready in 35 minutes, including adding the ingredients to the oven container. It could take up to an hour if you prepare the dressing yourself because it is not difficult to do either. You can copy the recipe or print so you can make your Caesar Chicken in the shortest possible time by following the instructions.


Nutrition Tables for this Recipe:

Don’t worry if you’re going through a dieting moment. Caesar chicken is a very healthy recipe. The distribution of the nutrition table of this recipe has the following figures:

  • Calcium: 509 mg.
  • Vitamin A: 525 IU
  • Saturated fats: 15 grams
  • Total calories: 649 (KCAL)
  • Carbohydrates: 3 grams
  • Sodium: 53 grams
  • Cholesterol: 135 grams
  • Proteins: 39 grams

These calorie tables are on a recipe with the following specific ingredients:

  • 4 large boneless, skinless chicken breasts.
  • ½ cup of grated parmesan
  • ½ Cup of sour cream
  • 1 cup of dressing before prepared or purchased

Final Recommendations

Depending on the volume of guests, you can add less or more chicken breasts so that they are enough. Parmesan cheese tastes better when you put a part of it inside each chicken breast. You can add extra pepper if you want the chicken to have a spicy and delicious flavor.

The container you choose to bake the chicken in must match both the chicken pieces and the mixture. Everything must be uniform for the recipe to be a total success in your friend’s meetings. Before placing the dressing on the chicken, it is good that they before mix it with the sour cream.

After adding the entire mix, don’t forget to put more Parmesan cheese on top. Caesar Chicken needs 30 minutes of cooking at a temperature of 375 degrees F to cook perfectly. Before putting the breasts in, the oven must have at least two minutes on for better cooking.

If you want a concentrated flavor cooking, don’t forget to cover the entire container with aluminum foil.

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